Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This instruction shows how to convert a standard microscope with light bulb to LED light. Only a cheap mobile phone charge can be used as the power supply because of the much lower power consumption of the LED light. Defective original power supplies do not have to be repaired or exchanged. Because a LED does not break, light bulbs are no longer n

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eeded. In our workshop we often encountered problems with broken power supplies of microscopes. The power supplies are usually switch mode power supplies that can not be repaired easily. To supply the light bulb with an external standard power supply is an alternative but such power supplies which deliver 2 A (at 12 V) or even 4 A (at 6 V) are either not available or too expensive, and a dim function is still missing. In the past these microscopes could not be repaired. The solution is to convert these microscopes to LED illumination. White ultra-bright LEDs, especially with a lens, are as bright as common 20W-bulbs, but they only need a fraction of the current. The current needed is so small that common mobile phone chargers can be used as a power supply. Mobile phone chargers are very cheap and commonly available. I admit a white high-power-LED is not (yet) available everywhere. But because they are universal in the usage and only one model fits for all microscope types (and for other purposes) it make sense to order some pieces from Europe or US. In Europe a 1-W LED with integrated lens is less than 10. Ultra-bright LEDs are available in standard 5 mm housings (No. 1). Six to twelve LEDs produce a light which is bright enough (No. 2). But the illumination with just six LEDs could be more homogeneous. The beam angle of 15 -30 ° is not perfect but acceptable. One LED costs 1 W, 3 W and even 5 W-types exist. The LED is...

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