LED Series Resistor Calculator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

All LEDs require some form of current limiting. Connecting an LED directly to the power supply will burn it out in a heartbeat. Overdriving, even briefly, will significantly reduce it`s life and light output. Fortunately, driving a single or a string of low current (20-30 mA) LEDs is a simple task - adding a small resistor in series is the easiest

LED Series Resistor Calculator
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and cheapest way to limit the current. Keep in mind however, that high current (above a few hundreds of mA) LEDs are tougher to drive, and while they can be operated with a series resistor, to minimize power loss and ensure reliability, it`s advisable to use a more expensive switching current regulator. Our LED calculator will help you determine the value of the current limiting series resistor when driving a single or an array of low-current LEDs. To get started, input the required values and hit the "Calculate" button. The program will draw a small schematic, display the calculated resistance and will tell you the value and color code of the nearest lower and higher standard resistor. It will calculate the power dissipated by the resistor and LED(s), the recommended resistor Wattage, the total power consumed by the circuit and the efficiency of the design (Power consumed by the LED(s) / Total circuit power consumption) x 100). Supply voltage: Type in a voltage greater than the LED voltage drop for a single LED circuit and parallel connection or the sum of all voltage drops when connecting multiple LEDs in series. LED current: Type in the single LED current in milliamperes. Common 3 mm and 5 mm LEDs usually operate in the range of 10-30 milliamps, but power LEDs used in lighting and automotive applications can have current requirements above 200 mA. A current of 20 mA is usually a safe value if you don`t have access to...

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