LED dimmer circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Typical segment displays LEDs consume around 25 mA for each segment and should be limited to it with resistors. If a six digit display is to be current limited, at least 42 series resistors are needed. The brightness of the LEDs are dependent on the output voltage. Since the voltage regulator is variable, the brightness of the LEDs is also variabl

LED dimmer circuit
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e. Potentiometer P1 is used for rough adjustment while P2 is used to trim the brightness in finer resolution. The output of the regulator circuit can be varied from 0 to 4. 3 volts. Before tuning the circuit, set the pot to zero point, then slowly adjust the pots until the desired brightness is achieved. In a typical six segment disply, the maximum current must not exceed 1 ampere. For example: if one segment consumes 25 mA each, then 7 segments of a six digit display will consume around 1050 mA. That is a bit more than 1 ampere! The transistor T1 must be heatsinked because high current consumption will produce a lot of dissipated heat. We aim to transmit more information by carrying articles. Please send us an E-mail to wanghuali@hqew. net within 15 days if we are involved in the problems of article content, copyright or other problems. We will delete it soon.

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