LED dot display based Battery charge level indicator circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

At many situations we need to display the amount of battery charge through some kind of indication methods like LED dot display or LED bar display. Here CG comes with a battery charge indicator circuit using LED dot display. This battery power level indicator circuit is build around LM3914 IC. It is able to sense voltage levels and is capable to d

LED dot display based Battery charge level indicator circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

rive a display of 10 LEDs in dot mode or bar mode. We have already posted a temperature level sensor using this same IC (LM3914). This can also be used as a low battery voltage indicator circuit as it displays low voltage if you calibrate it to do so. Our circuit is most suitable for 12 volt battery status indication because we are calibrating it for 12V battery. You can alter this DIY battery level indicator circuit for monitoring and displaying other voltages also. It is basically a milli volt measuring IC which is able to convert a varying milli volt input into a corresponding LED indication like a linear analog display. The IC LM3914 can operate with a wide range of supply voltage (3V to 25V DC). We can control the brightness of LED by programming via an external resistor. The outputs pins of LM3914 are compatible for both TTL and CMOS. To select dot mode or bar graph mode a switch is given at the 9th pin. When switch is closed, pin 9 of the IC gets connected to the positive supply, then bar graph mode is enabled. For this just eliminate the resistor R3 and connect the high voltage (less than 25V) to the input and adjust the potentiometer until the 10th LED glows (in dot mode). Now connect a low voltage at the input after removing high voltage. Then connect a high value potentiometer at the 4th pin, adjust it until LED1 glows alone.

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