LM35 Digital Remote Thermometer circuit and explanation

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

For the receiver circuit and display modulewill receive the high frequency AC power cordand decode out to be the actual temperature figures with digital IC No. CD4553 Three-digit BCD Counter IC) and IC-CD4511 (BCD-to-7-Segment Latch / Decoder / Driver IC). The frequency pulses from the wall and safely isolated by C1, C2 and L1 are amplified by Q1

LM35 Digital Remote Thermometer circuit and explanation
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, diodes D1 and D2 of the peak limit his admission. The pulses are filtered by C5, IC1b square, divided by 10 in IC2B and sent for final countdown clock input of IC5. IC4 is the time base generator: it provides IC1b and reset pulses to the making and IC5 locks and opening time of IC5 at 1Hz frequency. It is powered by a 5Hz square wave obtained from the frequency 50Hz sector Retrieved from T1 secondary, squared and divided by 10 in IC1C IC2A. IC5 readers across the cathodes scenes Q2, Q3 and Q4 with a rate determined by frequency multiplexing C7. Readers also shows three anodes in parallel by the BCD to 7 segments decoder IC6. In summary, the input pulse power on, say, 2kHz frequency be divided by 10 and displayed as 20. 0 ° C

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