LM3900 Audio Mixer Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This audio mixer circuit doesn`t use a low impedance input to mix no ideal sources, but use many amplifiers to provide ideal sources before mixed through simple resistors. Ideal source means a sources with low impedances, make the interaction between signals in the output doesn`t affect the input. Please note that this mixer circuit has high impe

LM3900 Audio Mixer Schematic Diagram
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dance output, so you`ll need an next processing equipment with appropriate input specs. This audio mixer circuit is designed around an LM3900 quad op amp and combines 2 line and 2 mike inputs and sums them at the output terminal. To vary the gain (around +23 dB), we can change the R7 through R10. You are reading the Circuits of LM3900 Audio Mixer And this circuit permalink url it is

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