Posted on Feb 4, 2014

After the battery is clipped, because the movement of touch stick will make the light source shine to photosensitive tube, and produce light current, the first level 3DG6 turns on, the emitter outputs signal, the singal is coupled to back level by 10 F capacitance, Schmitt circuit is triggered and flipped, it outputs singal to control the gate ci

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rcuit. (View) The principles of circuit: the power grid is connected to 3 foot of transformerB by switch, J1`s normally closed contact. R1 is sample transistance, the control circuit is composed of BG1, BG2, it can change the control point by adjusting W. When the power grid is lower than 220V, J1 normally closed contact changes the transformer B into boost type. If the output voltage does not exceed 220V, J2 normally closed contact connects to transformer 5 foot. If it is higher than 220V, J2 pulls in and connects to transformer 4 foot. If the power grid is higher than 220V, it controls J1 to pull in by R1 sample, it is connected to transformer 5 foot, then it willform buck type. If output terminal voltage exceeds the set value, then to control J2 pull in by R4 sample, the normally open contact is connected to 4 foot. The selection of components: regulator power depends on the transformer iron core section and enameled wire diameter. The iron chip can use 19G—(24 ½ 25), the coil adopts 0. 27~0. 35 high strength enamelled wire to close winding, it should not use packing paper between layers. 1~2 should go around 48 turns, 2~3 should go around 822 turns, from the third foot it uses 0. 41~0. 51 enamelled wire, 3~4, 4~5 all go around 85 turns. BG1, BG3 chooses 3DG small power tube, BG2, BG4 use PNP silicon middle power tube. There is no special requirements for resistance capacitance. (View) The functions of this circuit are:...

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