LWDAQ Driver (A2037) Manual

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The LWDAQ Driver (A2037) is a Long-Wire Data Acquisition ( LWDAQ ) Driver. You will find an introduction to the LWDAQ in the LWDAQ User Manual. The A2037 provides eight LWDAQ driver sockets, each of which may be connected to a LWDAQ device or a LWDAQ multiplexer. We assume you are familiar with the LWDAQ Specification. Those of you converting fr

LWDAQ Driver (A2037) Manual
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om the Device Driver (A2031) to the A2037 can jump to A2031 Compatibility. Figure: LWDAQ Driver with VME Interface (A2037A). Marked are: (1) the base address switch, (2) reset switch, (3) reset lamp, (4) busy lamp, (5) +15V okay lamp, (6) +5V okay lamp, (7) ’15V okay lamp, (8) test point LEDs, (9) driver sockets, (10) VME J2 connector, (11) VME J1 connector, (12) programming connector, (13) programming power connector, (14) USB adaptor socket, (15) Ethernet adaptor socket, (16) hardware mode jumper field. The A2037 provides eight LWDAQ driver sockets. Each socket provides ±15V and +5V power for LWDAQ devices or multiplexers. The A2037 can provide up to 500 mA at ±15V, and 1000 mA at +5V to all its driver sockets combined. It allows you to monitor the power supply voltages, and to measure the total current drawn from them. You can cut off power to the driver sockets by writing to a register on the A2037. Turning the LWDAQ power off for a second, and then on again, resets all devices and multiplexers, and restores them to the sleep state. See the Power Supplies section below for more details. The analog signal returned from a device to the driver is a low-voltage differential signal with dynamic range ±0. 5V. The A2037 can handle this signal in three ways. The first is to pass it through a 10-kHz low-pass filter and digitize it with a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The A2037`s adc16 job performs this digitization,...

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