Laser Disc Player Modification

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Many of us who invested in Prologic decoders are now looking at Dolby Digital. New formats like DSS, DVD-Video and High Definition Television incorporate this new technology; but what about the old laserdisc format After all, more than 600 laserdiscs feature Dolby Digital/AC-3 audio. For those people who do not currently have the AC-3 RF output on their laserdisc players, this site will

Laser Disc Player Modification
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hopefully help you understand what is involved in modifying a player to support the Dolby Digital RF bitstream. The following shows a step-by step procedure on how to modify a Pioneer CLD-D702 laserdisc player to output the Dolby Digital (AC-3) RF signal needed to drive Dolby Digital demodulators/decoders. My intention is to help those interested in modifying their own player; thereby avoiding the cost of upgrading to a new machine or paying a large sum of money to services that provide the Dolby Digital modification. This modification is to be done AT YOUR OWN RISK and there is no guarantee that the modification will work for you. Failure to properly install this design correctly may result in damage to you and/or your laserdisc player. This web site takes no responsibility for any modification you may attempt. The custom board shown here holds the required AC-3 circuitry. Once installed, the card enables older, non-AC-3 laserdisc players the ability to output the much talked about AC-3 RF signal. This version of the board uses metal film surface mount resistors as well as surface mount ceramic capacitors and transistors to minimize the level of noise in the signal. Players which have the AC-3 circuitry from the factory, typically use surface mount components as well. The card was constructed using an iron-on type film which was generated on a laser printer from an inexpensive artwork program. Once the film was transfered,...

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