Laser Interference Pattern Enumerator

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Interferometer is best used in calculating the index of refraction of gasses and transparent matter (i. e. air and glass). Doing so requires counting each interference circle one by one. As a matter of fact, getting a precise measurement requires counting up to a hundred circles which is almost impossible because circles move quite fast even when the measurement arm is winded as

Laser Interference Pattern Enumerator
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slow as possible. Even though it is quite hard for human eyes to follow such rapid movement, it makes a fairly easy Optoelectronics application. For that reason, I have designed an enumerator (image on top) for our lab, as a final project for Linear Electronics II class. Even though I have built the box for counting laser interference and diffraction patterns, it can enumerate all sorts of patterns given there is enough light. Personally, I have successfully counted patterns on a wooden desk, a very fine wire grid, a stamped concrete wall, and even the patterns on a Turkish carpet. Using the adjustment buttons gives the ability to adjust the circuit to any possible pattern transition thus making it useful for counting all kinds of patterns on any object. For counting laser interference patterns like the ones to the right, this project provides an excellent resource. Not only will it be able to enumerate through the patterns at lightning speed (my LDR provided me with 30 switches per second), but it will also provide you with utmost tool for counting any other pattern and count them quite precisely. As I took a very straightforward approach into this design, the project content is below and all in one page, as you will easily be able to print this page and use it as a guide. As usual, every final project is accompanied by a great project report (to get a reward for all that hard work). The report itself is the ultimate...

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