Lets to build many VU Meter circuits with LM3914

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A VU Meter is used to display the power level of the audio, it also is beautiful. When you go to the electronic equipment store to buy the VU meter kit, with the assembly various parts on their own or the style ready to use. Most of us are using the IC-LM3914, because it is convenient, easy to modify in many form. Today I assemble a the circuits that use this IC. Sometimes you are looking for ideas on this.

Lets to build many VU Meter circuits with LM3914
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For example: Flashing lights by the band, to decorate the Christmas tree, exotic, and unique. VU meter circuit is an IC number LM3914. This is a circuit that is commonly used standards. Within the integrated circuit LM3914 is a voltage range advantage. This is the fourth leg split. Reference voltage pin 6 is low, and the reference voltage divided up. When raising the power supply circuit and the signal came, the sound signal to be via D1 Optical Direct Fire only split the signal to positive The C1 and R1 signal smoothing filter. Then, light is sent through R2 to access the input pin 5 of IC by the IC to the display of the signal starts from the output pin 1 or LED1 contiguous to the leg 10 or LED10. You can choose form of a display 2. is a bar display and the display. Select use the switch S1. VR1 which acts on the set voltage reference ICs and R3 of the output current limiting function. If the value at which R3 LED1-LED10 are very bright. This is Circuit LM3914 LED VU Meter. use IC1-LM3914 and Transistor BC109C, By circuit will show level of audio signal(power Music) is dB  in six level by LED display or also known as VU-METER. for the stereo system. In this : VU meter 10 LED using LM3914 is basic it can monitor 10 led but use for high signal, when we add the Q1-BC109 at input section to boost up current for low level signal input. As you see, Be mono circuit but if you would to need stereo, you are going to make only...

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