Light Fence Security Alarm Circuit Schematic

A simple light fence security beeper is presented here. This circuit can be used as a door alarm, gate alarm, pathway alarm, etc. Any 12 Volt dc power supply can power the whole circuit. Working of this circuit is straight forward. In standby mode photo transistor T1 receives light from the green LED (D1) and T1 conducts to disable the gated low-frequency astable built around IC1(4093). When this light path is

interrupted by any object in the path, T1 stops conducting and IC1 is switched by the low level at its input point (pins 12&13). As a result the piezo-buzzer starts beeping at a slow rate determined by the in circuit values of R3, R4 & C1. Red LED (D2) is a visual warning indicator. With the help of suitable reflector and lens assembly, length of the light path can be increased. A minimum of 1 to 2 metres is possible with a high-bright green LED as D1. A laser pointer can also be used as the light source.

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