Light control system of traffic of double mode of infrared remote-control on the basis of 89C52 one-chip computer

A steady, flexible, convenient traffic light control system to have necessity and realizability. But a lot of traffic lights are switched over according to a time interval in actual life. And the traffic lights can be according to changing the switching time of traffic light in peak period at ordinary times or on and off duty in this design, if the intersection of danger light and change-over time set up as 40

seconds, set up as 60 seconds at ordinary times peak period on and off duty. Can relieve in commuter time effectively so, because danger light is set up too long, phenomenon of making a dash across the red light in order to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, relieve the traffic jam phenomenon effectively. In 1968, the United Nations  the road traffic and marking signal protocol of the road  made the regulation to the meaning of various indicator lights: The green light is on to allow to pass through; The danger light is on, No thoroughfare; Yellow lamp on, brief people on, pay attention to red, state of green light namely switch. For convenience prove, suppose the things now, two main roads running N-S intersect at a crossroad. At the same time, in order to guarantee pedestrians are safe, set up A, B, C, D four pedestrain ways. As shown in Fig. 1. Pilot lamp working condition proves at the crossing: It is danger light in the things one, this vehicle forbids passing through, B at this moment, the pedestrian can pass the road on D pedestrain way; The north and south one is a green light at the same time, this vehicle passes, A at this moment, the pedestrian forbids passing through on C pedestrain way, time is 60 seconds. Yellow lamp glimmer 5 second, it warns vehicles and pedestrians to be red, state of green light namely switch. It is green lights in the things one, this vehicle passes through, B at this moment, the...

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