Light turning bike using IC LM3909

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Usual already a bicycle has will no Light turning. If want to turn a car may be born dangerous can go up. Because of a car that drive to follow come to don`t know that turn thus. We should enhance the safety gives with one self with building light turning bike circuit this upward. The work of the circuit be in usual time switch S1 will stay in a p

Light turning bike using IC LM3909
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

osition OFF. If the circuit will turn to the right move switch S1 go to a position Right have power supply 1. 5V, go to at IC1 which be IC1 work oscillator generator come out pin 6 ways change contact switch S1/2 make LED3, LED4 will flasher at the same time conversely. If turn to the left move switch S1 go to at a position Left frequency signal that pin 6 s of IC1 change contact switch S1/2 make LED1, LED2 blink at the same time. By the speed in something flasher depend on the value of C1 this circuit can work long ago. Because the circuit will work especial when open light turning only.

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