Lighting Control

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Sensors for lighting controls are either photoelectric sensing or presence detectors. Photoelectric sensors are normally set to switch lighting on at dusk and off at dawn. Adjustments can be made to change response to higher or lower levels. Built-in time delay helps to eliminate nuisance switching in response to sources other than natural ambient

Lighting Control
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light, or passing shadows. Photoelectric sensors are often combined with timers to provide a more efficient light control. Figure 12 shows such a control arrangement. Contacts on both photoelectric switch and the timer must close to cause the multi-pole lighting contactor to switch on the lights. Opening either set of contacts will open the lighting contactor, thus turning off the lights. A typical application would be an industrial parking lot where lighting is required only Monday through Friday evenings, and is turned on at dusk and shut off at midnight. The two-wire control may be a separate electromagnetic control relay or a built-in control module as shown. A variety of presence detectors or occupancy sensors have been recently developed. These detectors automatically activate the lighting controls. They are designed to turn lights on upon sensing heat or motion caused by human occupancy within a defined space and turn them off at some preset time after the last person leaves. PART II. Todays industrial computer and programmable controller (PLC) based control systems are sophisticated versions of electronic timers. The heart of such a system is an industrial computer and/or PLC-based controller that holds in memory a series of on-off instructions to the lighting circuits throughout a building. They can provide minute-by-minute control of an entire lighting scheme according to a user-determined schedule, with pulse...

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