Linistepper FAQ

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Using it to (hopefully) drive a 6-wire linear actuator, which will slowly push a syringe pump. The motor is a Hurst SLS custom-jobbie I got from a surplus dealer here in Silicon Valley; the label says 12VDC, 11 1/2W (which, in my newbie brain, means about. 96A; 12. 5 Ohms. ) So - what are my power supply requirements/hookup (Sorry, but I wasted my education on an MBA,

Linistepper FAQ
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and am mostly trying to learn chemistry lately - my EE knowledge is decades old. ) TIA! I would aappreciate a little help. I intend to use a 2. 7A motor, but is aware that tnhe the sense resistor cannot be lower than 0. 66 ohm. I understand that R14-R17 has to be changed, and so do R18-29. Have tried various values, but it`s it been really a shot in the dark. Could you be able to suggest some values are starting point. James Newton replies: You can use the form about half way down the page at to find the sense resistor values to use for your target motor current. I`m a little confused as to why you feel the other resistors must be changed. + I am using a US Cyberlab Neuractor CNC-4+ kit that I built 10 years ago. My software is DANCAM. My motors/drivers are pretty whimpy. Do you know if your stepper driver has been used to retrofit a CNC4+ kit to provide better torque and speed Thanks, Durl They say that there is no such thing as a stupid question, I say "Are they nuts" Please clarify, can one linistep control multiple motors from one printer port Futhermore, I just "ebayed" three (Hy200 Nema 34 170A8 1. 7 amps) motors. I paid nearly $50. 00 USA, is that a good price, and is that motor suitable for the linistep Thank you very much for your help. James Newton replies: One lini per motor. I don`t know, I pull my steppers from old copiers, printers, and fax machines. If it has 5 or more wires, it will probably work fine. + Hi...

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