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Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Every cheap energy-saving lamp has a self-resonant voltage inverter inside. They are designed for low-power operation up to a few watts. Why don`t scale up the whole thing and replace the resonance circuit for generating the needed lamp voltage with the tuned primary of a double-resonant solid state tesla coil (DRSSTC) T

LiquidFire Teslacoil Pages
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he guys from teslacoil. net did this already and I think that the SSTC3, SSTC3. 7, SSTC3. 8 and SSTC3. 9 as well as some of the other coils are based on such a circuit. My experiments showed that the idea is good and you can create amazing lightning with a very simple and reliable circuit. The only thing you need - apart from the simple self-resonant power stage - is a suitable power supply with a current-limiting feature. But why stop thinking here We could even try to avoid other major disadvantages that a DRSSTC has: Sound intensity and relatively thin discharges, especially at low-power. The discharges from a interrupted solid-state tesla coil (ISSTC) are more pleasant to the ear than the screaming noise of a DRSSTC at high BPS and somewhat brighter. This is because of the long pulse time with a sinusoidal waveform (that is derived from the mains) used in a ISSTC. Regarding DRSSTCs with long pulse times, there was some discussion on the web a few years ago, but I could not figure out where this was. However, as I think that there are currently no circuits like the sketched one in the public domain, I decided to spend some time on developing such a circuit: A simple, self-resonant DRSSTC with long on time and sinusoidal pulse envelope. As the waveform of a self-oscillating tesla coil can`t be controlled in the power stage, this control has to be done elsewhere. The power supply was chosen to be the right place for this...

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