Long-range FM radio transmitter circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

In the circuit shown, the special launch tube T2 and its peripheral parts form a high-frequency oscillator with frequency in the range of 88 ~ 108MHz. The electret microphone picks up the audio signal, then the signal is amplified by T1, then the amplified low frequency signal makes modulation for high-frequency carrier. If the electret microphone M disconnects, the input end

Long-range FM radio transmitter circuit
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connects cassette player, and it can transmit music. The RF transmitter dedicated tube T2 chooses FF501 which uses a standard T0-92 package (like the 9000 series of transistors ), shape, and pin arrangement is shown in Figure 2. The dedicated tube has the advantages of good consistency, the RF output power is greater, and the circuit is easy to adjust, and the FF501 also can work at a higher frequency band.

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