Low Cost 1000 Watt 300 Volt Rf Power Amplifier For 27.12mhz

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The LinkSwitch-TN supply LNK306PN shown in Figure 1 provides a constant current output of up to 9 W at a maximum output voltage of 70 VDC, ideal for driving LEDs A passive valley- ll power factor correction (PFC) circuit gives the supply a power factor greater than 0. 92, which meets requirements of ENERGY STAR SSL for commercial applications. C

Low Cost 1000 Watt 300 Volt Rf Power Amplifier For 27.12mhz
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are has been taken such that the supply also meets EN55015B EMI requirements. Line fuse F1 protects the power supply in case of catastrophic failures. Capacitors C6 and C10 provide differential ltering. EMI is mitigated by inductors L1 and L2 along with resistors R15 and R16. Full wave recti cation is accomplished by Diodes D5-D8. Diodes D2, D3 and D4, along with capacitors C1 and C2, form the valley ll circuit and provide power factor correction. The LNK306PN device uses an ON/OFF control method. Whenever current in excess of 49 A is delivered into the FB pin of U1, MOSFET switching is disabled. Upon the device`s next internal Clock cycle, the FB pin current is sampled, and if it is below the

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