Low Cost High Voltage Power Supply

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I have designed this high voltage, low current power supply for various experiments in systems & synthetic biology. I have cleaned up the design and I am placing the schematic and board layout online below! This circuit outputs up to +1, 866VDC at under 1 mA or can be tapped at various points for +622VDC or +933VDC. This is useful for either DIY Bi

Low Cost High Voltage Power Supply
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ology or institutional research experiments such as: Below is the schematic; read the full post below for the board layout information. Click on the schematic for the full sized version. The schematic operates in stages, so leaving out or bypassing before the 2nd final stage will yield only +933VDC, and leaving out that stage will yield only +622VDC, etc. Imagine reading these kinds of instructions and performing such a task for a few hours: Resuspend pelleted bacterial cells in 250 µl Buffer P1 and transfer to a micro-centrifuge tube. Ensure that RNase A has been added to Buffer P1. No cell clumps should be visible after resuspension of the pellet. If LyseBlue reagent has been added to Buffer P1, vigorously shake the buffer bottle to ensure LyseBlue particles are completely dissolved. The bacteria should be resuspended completely by vortexing or pipetting up and down until no cell clumps remain. Add 250 µl Buffer P2 and mix thoroughly by inverting the tube 4 6 times. Mix gently by inverting the tube. Do not vortex, as this will result in  (The protocol examples used here are from Qiagen`s Miniprep kit, QIAPrep. ) Wait a minute! Isn`t that what robots are for Unfortunately, programming a bioscience robot to do a task might take half a day or a full day (or more, if it hasn`t been calibrated recently, or needs some equipment moved around). If this task has to be performed 100 or 10, 000 times then it is a good idea to use...

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