Low Voltage Power Supply

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a power supply circuit that produce voltage 12 to 24 V. It is very simple, doesn`t need regulator just bridge rectifier, filter capacitor and transformer. A bridge rectifier makes use of four diodes in a bridge arrangement to achieve full-wave rectification. This circuit will give you 15 VDC at up to 3A. WARNING: Don`t touch any part of th

Low Voltage Power Supply
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e circuit when the circuit is running (connected to the powerline), this circuit is not isolated from mains supply. This is transformerless power supply circuit. This circuit is used to generate fixed voltage power Continue reading †’. Applying the filtered and rectified AC input to a high-input-voltage linear regulator is the simplest way to produce low current level from an AC source. However, it will causes the power dissipation in the regulator. The power dissipation can be Continue reading †’. A diode bridge, a step down transformer a linear regulator(U1) and some filtering capacitors can be used to build a Linear power supply. This circuit has some advantages such as this circuit has high output current and can give multiple Continue reading †’. This is a The Crowbar circuit. This circuit is used to prevent the load from damaging. This circuit utilize a zener diode. The regulator steps down the 12V input to 5V. The load will damage when the regulator is fail Continue reading †’. This is compact power factor controller circuit. It stabilizes device`s electrical demand to give best power factor characteristic of many types of loads. In many application, a direct rectification of the AC line followed by bulk capacitor filtering is used Continue reading †’.

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