MAX3420 Maxim USB Peripheral Controller

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The MAX3420 is a USB peripheral controller chip with an SPI bus. This page hopefully contains enough information to help you easily make use of the device in your projects. The MAX3420 provides a very simple approach to adding a USB interface to a circuit. It uses a SPI bus to connect to your system. It does require a reasonable amount of configur

MAX3420 Maxim USB Peripheral Controller
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ation and control, so you`ll need to connect it to some form of microprocessor/microcontroller. The board is driven by a 3. 3V supply. The connector pin arrangement allows it to be plugged directly into header J5 of a Digilent XUP-V2Pro FPGA development board, as shown in the right-hand photo above. You will need a kernel driver in order to send and receive data from the MAX3420 chip. Below is a basic USB driver that will do this. Hopefully all you`ll need to do is download the gzipped tar, decompress, and type make. The EDK peripheral linked to below contains a SPI module that will talk to the MAX3420. Unpack the file and place the max3420_v1_00_a directory into your EDK project`s pcores directory.

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