MC34017A Telephone Tone Ringer Bipolar Linear/I2L

As it is well known, according to power saving regulations, we need to obtain a very low power consumption during standby condition for all equipment continuously powered on the mains. For not saving  version of power supply, the standby power consumption is around 9. 0 W (for 100 W power output). When using the MC44608 GreenLine ›› Power supply

controller, we obtain 1. 3 W in standby mode. The result is absolutely phenomenal, but still, for some special applications, the power reduction is not enough. In this case the only possibility to obtain a lower consumption in standby is to use a separate low output power supply (< 1. 0 W) for powering only the Microprocessor and Switch off the rest of the application. The MC44608 is basically not designed for that use. However this is achievable by adding a few more components to the typical application schematic. In this case we CAN reach a standby power consumption as low as 200 mW.

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