ML7005 DTMF Transceiver ML7005DTMF Transceiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The MLX90224 series are dual Hall effect Latches It includes two Hall effect latch functions of which typical thresholds are +/- 2. 0 mT. In each latch, the magnetic flux detection is performed by a switched silicon Hall plate. The BOP and BRP are temperature-compensated and give a sensitivity temperature coefficient of 500 ppm/oC to compensate pop

ML7005 DTMF Transceiver ML7005DTMF Transceiver
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ular magnets. The MLX90224 A output Transistor will be latched on (BOP) in the presence of a sufficientlystrong South pole magnetic field facing the marked side of the package. Similarly, the output will be latched off (BRP) in the presence of aNorth field. Spacing on the plates is 1. 85mm. The MLX90224 B series are designed for direction detection with a high speed chopper which provides 15ms delay.

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