MS6714 4 Stereo Inputs And 1 Stereo Output Volume Tone Balance Loudness And Selectable Input Gain

The MSK4204RH is a radiation hardened complete H-Bridge microcircuit intended for use in DC brushed Motor Control applications or Class D switchmode amplification in space or other severe operating environments. The internal compo- nents have been selected to provide total dose up to 300K RAD for military and space applications. All of the drive/c

ontrol circuitry for the lowside and highside switches are internal to the device. The PWM circuitry is internal as well, leaving the user to only provide an Analog signal for the motor speed/direction, or Audio signal for switchmode Audio amplification. If 100% duty cycle is required, access to the high-side bias has been provided. With the addition of two isolated power supplies 100% duty cycle is possible. The MSK4204RH is packaged in a space efficient isolated power package, available in three lead form configurations that CAN be directly connected to a heatsink. By M. S Kennedy

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