MT8885 Integrated DTMF Transceiver With Power-Down And Adaptive Micro Interface

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This design note presents a simple yet feature loaded 16 watt output, universal AC input adapter power supply for modems, hubs or similar applications. The circuit is a discontinuous mode (DCM) flyback converter topology designed around ON Semiconductor`s NCP1027 monolithic current mode controller with internal 700V MOSFET The output will provide

MT8885 Integrated DTMF Transceiver With Power-Down And Adaptive Micro Interface
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

up to 1. 5 amps peak and will regulate at full output as low as 85 Vac input. The supply also includes an EMI input Filter as well as adjustable brown-out and power limit features. A very simple Zener Diode and Optocoupler feedback scheme is used that provides good output regulation with a minimum of components. The schematic of an optional resonant snubber is also shown which will improve the efficiency an additional two percentage points over the standard RCD snubber for the 120 Vac input range (see figure 2 and plots).

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