Magnetic proximity switch

Here is the circuit diagram of a magnetic proximity switch that finds a lot of applications in many fields. The circuit is based on a magnetic reed switch(S1) as the proximity sensor. A monostable multivibrator based on NE555 (IC1) and a toggle flip flop based on CD4013 (IC2) does the rest of the circuit. When a magnet is reached in proximity of S1

it closes to give a negative trigger at pin 2 of IC1. The output of IC1 goes high for a time determines by R2 and C2. This clocks the IC2 wired as a toggle flip flop. The output (pin 1 ) of IC2 goes high and the transistor Q1 is biased to ON. The relay is activated and so do the equipment connected to the relay. The LED D1 glows when IC1 is triggered.

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