Mains operated LED night lamp

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Here is a simple and powerful LED based night lamp circuit that can be operated directly from the 230V mains supply. The are total 24 white LEDs used and the lamp produces an output of around 15W. The resistance R1 and capacitor C1 provides necessary current limiting. The circuit is sufficiently immune against voltage spikes and surges. Hi Jay may

Mains operated LED night lamp
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

be your capacitor is faulty. connect 0. 25 in series with one pair of LED back to back and with 1k 1 watt also inseries and try for the glow. if nothing happens and if the LEDs glow OK. then the fault is that the LEDs are rated for 3. 2volt 15mA. Hello Seetharaman, What could be the cause why all the LEDs got busted It was working for some 15 seconds but it did not glow anymore after I have switched it off then on again. Hello Seetharaman, I have checked the LEDs with lithium cell. Unfortunately, all 6 LEDs are dead. Yes, I have actually used two capacitors (0. 25 & 0. 1uF) both at 630v in parallel. I hope that the voltage is not too much if its in parallel I am not sure if the caps are still working after the test that I have made . Jeh Hi Jeh one of yur LED might have blown. With a magnifying glass look into LED if any block spot is seen it is blown. you can check each LED`s glow by using a lithium 3 volt disc cell-faster method. Is your 0. 35uF rated for 400 volt. Hello Seetharaman, I was able to assemble the project. Fortunately it was working when I plugged it for 15seconds however, when I switched it off then turned it on after some seconds the LEDs did not glow anymore till now. What do you think is the error I have used 0. 35uF Capacitor and 220ohms 1 watt resistor. There is no sign of burn or any part that gets hot. Thank you, Jeh Hi Jeh it will be 5mm 3volt @ 20mA variety. So my earlier comment of 8th june is ok...

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