Management of Locomotive Tractive Energy Resources

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The diagrams of starting up of the TEP-60 diesel engines starter in chain of current accumulators: 1- baterry current without SCB, when traction generator operates in a starter mode; 2- baterry current with SCB, when traction generator operates in a starter mode Figure 8. Torque-speed characteristic of induction traction motor`s regenerative braking and traction modes by changing

Management of Locomotive Tractive Energy Resources
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main frequency f1 ’fi ’ parameters: no1 noi is AC traction motor`s no ’load speed Figure 9. A circuit diagram of AC/AC current system electric locomotive regenerative braking energy computer control system: M1-M4 AC traction motors; LD- locomotive driver; A- analogic digital converter; T- traction transformer; P- pantograph; VS1-VS10-IGBT transistors; VD1-VD10-diodes; Y1-four quadrant drive control signals; Y2- inverter drive control signals; Ib-braiking current; Is- stored current; WS1-WS4- wheel-sets Figure 10. A circuit diagram of Hybrid Traction System configuration with AC traction motors: DM-diesel engine; G-synchronous traction generator; M-induction traction motor. Figure 11. AC/AC power structure diesel-electric locomotive complementary energy management system in regenerative braking and traction mode: DM-diesel engine; G-synchronous traction generator; M- AC traction motor. Mb- electromagnetic moment in the braking mode; n-speed of the rotor; A-energy generation part in the traction mode; B-energy generation part in the braking mode. Figure 13. Block circuit diagram of the Hybrid Traction System diesel engine start operation mode: DM- diesel engine; CB- conventional battery; K-contactor; Figure 19. Complementary principled scheme of energy saving and catenary current stabilization structure: CB- conventional batteries; SCB-super capacitors block Figure 20. Scheme of energy management system structure: IR...

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