Metal detector circuit diagram 3

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The metal detector is composed of the probe oscillator, reference oscillator and audio amplifier and other components, and the circuit is shown as the chart. Probe oscillator consists of transistors VI, V2 and detection coil L1, capacitor C1 and so on. Reference oscillator consists of transistors VI, Y3 and inductor L2, capacitor C3 and other comp

Metal detector circuit diagram 3
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onents. Audio amplifier is composed of audio power amplifier IC IC, volume potentiometer RP and capacitors C6 ~ C8 RP and so on. R1 uses small or variable resistor; R2 ~ R5 select 1/4W metal film resistors. RP uses small membrane potentiometer. C1 uses high-frequency ceramic capacitor; C2, C5 ~ C8, CIO use aluminum electrolytic capacitor with the voltage in 10Y; C3 uses ceramic fine capacitor; C4, C9 select polyester or monolithic capacitors.

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