Metal detector circuit diagram 8

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The metal detector circuit is composed of the probe oscillator, PLL phase-locked loop circuit and the audio alarm circuit, and the circuit is shown as the chart. Probe oscillator is composed of the detection coil L, transistor VI, resistors RI ~ R3, capacitors C1 ~ C5. PLL phase-locked loop circuit consists of integrated circuit IC1, resistors R4

Metal detector circuit diagram 8
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~ R8, capacitors C7 ~ Cll. Audio alarm circuit is composed of the transistor V2, comparision amplifier integrated circuit IC2, buzzer HA, resistors R9 ~ R14. R1 ~ R14 use 1/4W carbon film resistors or metal film resistors; R15 uses 1/2W metal film resistor. RP uses small potentiometer or variable resistor. V1 and V2 use 59018 or 2SC1815 NPN silicon transistors.

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