Metronome Circuit

This circuit uses a couple of Op-amps to produce an interesting sound effect. The left hand CA741 is wired as a standard astable and produces the timing pulses, controlled by C1, R2 and VR1. The output is fed via C2 to the second op-amp and is also direct coupled via the zener ZD1 to Q1. The right hand CA741 is configured as an integrator, its pur
Metronome Circuit - schematic

pose being to distort the output pulse from the first op-amp. This produces a ringing effect on the output pulse and gives the circuit a characteristic "tick" sound. A sound sample recorded under Audacity on PCLinuxOS is shown below. The emphasized ringing can be seen in the enlarged view above. The output pulse at the first op-amp will cause the zener and Q1 to conduct on every positive transition. The 1k resistor R8 then acts as a low impedance shunt at the input of the integrator and produces a characteristic "tock" effect. R8, R7, R9, C3 and C4 may all be adjusted to tailor the sound effect.

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