Mic2290 48v Avalanche Photo Diode (apd) Application Circuit W/ 0603 Chip Inductor

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The MICRF112 is a high performance, easy to use, single chip ASK / FSK Transmitter IC for remote Wireless applications in the 300 to 450MHz frequency band. This transmitter IC is a true daa-in, antenna-out onolithic device. MICRF112 is high performance in three areas: power delivery, operating voltage, and operating temperature. In terms of power,

Mic2290 48v Avalanche Photo Diode (apd) Application Circuit W/ 0603 Chip Inductor
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the MICRF112 is capable of delivering +10 dBm into a 50, load. This power level enables a small form factor transmitter (lossy antenna) such as a key fob transmitter to operate near the maximum limit of transmission regulations. In terms of operating voltage, the MICRF112 operates from 3. 6V to 1. 8V. Many transmitter ICs in the same frequency band stop operating below 2. 0V. The MICRF112 will work with most batteries to the end of their useful limits. In terms of operating temperature, the MICRF112 operates from -40 to +125. This wide operating temperature range makes MICRF112 an ideal candidate for the demanding applications such as a tire pressure monitoring system. By Micrel Semiconductor

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