Micore Reader IC Family Directly Matched Antenna Design

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

How to design an antenna for the MICORE contactless reader IC family. (The MIFORE reader IC family includes the MF RC500, MF RC530, MF RC531, SL RC 400 and the CL RC 632. The antenna design and matching is the same for all of these ICs. ) For a good overview the Micore Antenna Principle section shows the blocks of each reader antenna design, how these blocks fit to

Micore Reader IC Family Directly Matched Antenna Design
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Micore, and also the complete schematic of a Micore Antenna. Because there are many parameters that influence the overall performance of an antenna, a basic RF knowledge is needed to design an antenna that takes all these parameters into account. Although this (specific) knowledge is important for understanding the background, a complete antenna design can be done without RF-specific knowledge. Therefore the complete design of a directly matched antenna is divided into two design levels: The basic parameter design is dedicated to those, who are not really familiar with RF design and its tools. Although a certain number of requirements and parameters are frozen, the design will yield an optimized antenna. A guideline, the required formulas, and a tool to support the design is described and provided. Depending on some simplifications this design might not be completely compliant to the ISO/IEC14443, even though it fully satisfies the Mifare and I-Code requirements. The full parameter design is dedicated to those, who want to cover all the specific cases of various design requirements to make a perfect design for the application. This design describes how to build an antenna, which is fully ISO/IEC14443 compliant (including the higher bit rates). The complete antenna design covers all the open parameters, some background information for the design, and the general behaviour of such an antenna. Appendix 6. 1contains a...

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