Microcontroller and Motor Driver Circuit Board

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Tried to limit the number of wire jumpers in this board but things got a little tight since I was combining the microcontroller and motor driver in one board. It would have been a lot cleaner if I would have left the programming header off. The L298N is a dual motor driver that is essentially a dual H-Bridge motor driver in a compact package. Since the Multiwatt15 through-hole

Microcontroller and Motor Driver Circuit Board
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package  doesn`t conform to the 0. 1 ³ spacing of most components, it won`t fit directly into standard perf boards. There are inexpensive breakout boards available if you don`t want to worry about etching. This is the view of the board with all of the components. Before printing for etching, you will want to remove the layers except for traces and drill holes.

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