Microcontroller circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Connect serial cable with serial port and if you are using USB to TTL or RS232 or serial converter then plug it to the USB port. Now after this short pin Tx with Rx or pin TxD with RxD using any wire like jumper wire on other side. Now open serial port terminal software like putty or whichever you are using and make connection using COM port. After connection

Microcontroller circuits
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is established transmit any thing. If you receive same response on terminal software which you have transmitted then serial communication is working perfectly fine. But if you not receive same response which you have transmitted then serial communication link is faulty. In this case if you ate using serial port of desktop PC then check your serial cable (connectivity of each pin using multimeter). If your serial cable is fine then next check your serial port on CPU (DB9) as did earlier by shorting Tx and Rx. This problem arises mostly with USB to serial/TTL/RS232 converter. Operating systems allocates higher COM port to this devices and flash magic supports COM port upto 32. So it became mandatory to change automatically assigned COM port manually and limit it within 32. In this condition after changing your COM port uninstall flash magic from your machine then restart your machine and again install it back and try to load hex file. Baud rate defines number of bits per second which simply means speed of communication. Noe baud rate calculation includes start, stop and parity bits as well. While in data rate only number of data bits are considered. Hence in UART data rate is always lower than baud rate. Above mentioned configuration must be same at both the end otherwise proper communicate is not possible. In normal condition that is when no communication, tx pin is at high level. When start bit comes it lower down the...

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