Microcontroller projects 2

This module is HC-06 a slave mode serial bluetooth data link. The chips is made by CSR. In this project, my mobile phone will talk to AT89C2051 via HC-06. All the complication has been put in the cage (in the java library and bluetooth module), so what I need to do is just create terminal program for mobile phone written in java (J2ME), and create

another program to receive the unlock code for AT89C2051. This is the result of the project, looks a little ugly but it works. The motor is spring return type therefore when the code sent by mobile phone is correct, the motor energized for 300msand return to original position by itself. The motor is designed to operatewith 12V power but in fact 5V is sufficientto operate itwithsofter action. Here the schematic. HC-06 can be setup using AT command. From the factory the default parameters are 9600, N, 8, 1 and 1234 password. Connect the HC-06 module to a PC using USB/TTL then open a terminal software. First you can change the name of the module by command: AT + NAMEnewname (max 20 chars), the reply is OKname. Second you can change the speed by command: AT + BAUD4. The reply is OK9600.

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