Microphone Circuit-PC Sound Card

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This microphone circuit was submitted by Lazar Pancic from Yugoslavia. The sound card for a PC generally has a microphone input, speaker output and sometimes line inputs and outputs. The mic input is designed for dynamic microphones only in impedance range of 200 to 600 ohms. Lazar has adapted the sound card to use a common electret microphone usi

Microphone Circuit-PC Sound Card
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ng this circuit. He has made a composite amplifier using two transistors. The BC413B operates in common emitter to give a slight boost to the mic signal. This is followed by an emitter follower stage using the BC547C. This is necessary as the mic and circuit and battery will be some distance from the sound card, the low output impedance of the circuit and screened cable ensuring a clean signal with minimum noise pickup.

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