MidiMotor2 Module

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The logic power and CAN signals come in from N4 pins 3 through 8. The CAN signals are connected to the MCP2551 CAN physical layer IC, U5. The transmit and receive pins of the microctroller, (U4 pins 5 and 6) are connected to the other side of U5. Lastly, the RC0 through RC3 are used to drive the quad optoislator, U3, through current limiting resis

MidiMotor2 Module
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tors R5 through R7. Please note that U3 optoisolator shows up in both schematics. There is only one optoisolator, it is just easier to understand what is going on if the optoisolator is present in both schematics. There is no shared ground between the two sides of the optoisolator. Each L298 (U1 and U2) is a dual H-bridge in a Multiwatt-15 package. As per recommended practice, the two H-bridges are ganged together to form a single H-bridge with 3. 5 Amp capacity. Power comes in on N3. The dedicated regulator VR1 provides 5 volts for the logic ciruitry. The H-bridge circuitry is always enabled. The Schottky diodes (D1-D8) are used to clamp out unwanted voltage spikes that occur as a result of switching. Each H-bridge is connected to two optoisolators in U3 to allow independent switching of the H-bridge.

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