Millimeter-Wave CMOS Impulse Radio

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

An edge combiner comprising MOSFETs C and D has to generate a 16ps pulse. Centre frequency as a function of NMOS width Wser over inverter width Winv. Figure 12. Illustration of transmitted, reflected, dissipated and leaked signals of a switch in the (a) ON and (b) OFF states of the modulator when the millimeter-wave signal travels

Millimeter-Wave CMOS Impulse Radio
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from source to the load. Figure 13. a) Impedance transformation along the modulator and (b) calculated reflected, dissipated and leaked powers as a function of the transmission line distance between switches. Figure 16. Transient simulation; (a) 200ps applied data pulse, and responses of (b) the gate voltage of the NMOSFET switch, and (c) input and (d) output signals. Figure 22. Architecture of (a) a single-ended millimeter-wave pulse transmitter with off-chip 60GHz CW source and (b) a proposed differential-ended pulse transmitter with on-chip 60GHz CW source. Figure 27. Measured (a) operating frequency of the oscillator and (b) power dissipation and output millimeter-wave power of the oscillator as a function of supply voltage. Millimeter waves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of 1 to 10 mm in vacuum, and they were discovered experimentally in the 19th century ( Wiltse, 1984 ). In 1946, the most unique feature of millimeter waves, oxygen absorption at 60 GHz, was reported, which results in the rapid attenuation of electromagnetic waves in the air ( Beringer, 1946 ). Although the oxygen absorption makes long-distance wireless communication difficult, it enables us to allocate a wide frequency band, which realizes ultra-high-speed communication greater than 1Gbps (gigabits-per-second). Recently, the well-known feature of millimeter-wave communication has attracted attention again because millimeter-wave circuits...

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