MiniDCC Project

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Develop a self contained unit that can automatically control up to four DCC equipped engines, starting and stopping them based on their position on a loop of track The control PIC interacts with the MiniDCC controller through the MiniDCC`s keypad. Six pins from the 16F88 will connect to the keypad through a pair of 4066 ICs. Because of a limited n

MiniDCC Project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

umber of available pins on the 16F88 an infrared TV remote control is being used to change settings on the controller. The IR signal is received by the PNA4602M. It is made to react only to IR signals that are modulated at 38 KHz, the frequency used by a typical TV remote control unit. The 16F88 controller is programmed using PIC Basic Pro. The test code for the controller is below. Note that it is not yet able to sense train position. It is being used primarily to test the circuit and its components. I chose to make up my own 4 x 4 keypad matrix from 16 discreet SPST momentary switches - the ones I have chosen are from Electronic Goldmine (part number G1412)

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