Modular Music Box

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I calculated the RSet resistor value at ~17k though it should probably have been 28k according to the table on the page (the MV7744 data sheet list Vf = 2. 1V and If = 20mA) but that`s for an LED matrix not individual LEDs happy for you to work out what this should be . Used Keith Neufeld`s Arduino Quadrature Encoder Library available

Modular Music Box
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

here to download and though initially it didn`t compile reading further in the post I came across instructions to add: Also intending to use quistoph`s DebounceButton Arduino library (link currently not working) to provide onPress(), onRelease, onHold(), onClick() functionality which combined with the push button of the encoder could be useful as a hidden` control system should we need it My colleague Nick discovered the requirements for a common ground for the I2C bus so we`ll need to plan this into the circuitry of one of the boxes probably the rotary sequencer The problem is first that they have a lot of contact bounce and trying to suppress this in software and determine the direction of rotation at the same time is a bit of a big ask and normally it won`t work. I don`t know if you noticed but some times the Project sketch would go in the wrong direction at times.

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