Modular Phono Preamplifier

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Any electronics amateur still in possess of a collection of vinyl recordings and aiming at a high quality reproduction should build this preamp and add it to the Modular Preamplifier chain. This circuit features a very high input overload capability, very low distortion and accurate reproduction of the RIAA equalization curve, thanks to a two-stag

Modular Phono Preamplifier
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e op-amp circuitry in which the RIAA equalization network was split in two halves: an input stage (IC1A) wired in a series feedback configuration, implementing the bass-boost part of the RIAA equalization curve and a second stage, implementing the treble-cut part of the curve by means of a second op-amp (IC2A) wired in the shunt feedback configuration. This module comprises also an independent dual rail power supply identical to that described in the Modular Preamplifier Control Center. As with the other modules of this series, each electronic board can be fitted into a standard enclosure: Hammond extruded aluminum cases are well suited to host the boards of this preamp. In particular, the cases sized 16 x 10. 3 x 5. 3 cm or 22 x 10. 3 x 5. 3 cm have a very good look when stacked. See below an example of the possible arrangement of the rear panel of this module.

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