Mosfet Amplifier OTL 100W by K1058J162

This includes a 220uF capacitor and two diodes to slow down the switch-on to reduce the output thump as the output capacitor charges through the speaker. This is not essential, depending on speaker sensitivity, with my own speakers there is just an unobtrusive low frequency sound at switch-on. With other applications such as a bi-amp or tri-amp sy

stem with active crossover filters, this addition may become more useful to avoid low frequencies reaching high frequency speaker drivers. It may also have some point if a high sensitivity speaker is used, so it makes sense to include it in this low noise version. Disclaimer All files are found using legitimate search engine techniques. This site does not and will not condone hacking into sites to create the links it list. We will and do assume that all links found on the search engines we use are obtained in a legal manner and the webmasters are aware of the links listed on the search engines. If you find a URL that belongs to you, and you did not realize that it was "open to the public", please use the report button to notify the blogmaster of your request to remove it or it will remove within 24 hours. This is not an invitation for webblog haters to spam with requests to remove content they feel that is objectionable and or unacceptable. Proof of URL ownership is required. NOTICE: This Blog Has Already Been Reviewed And Accepted By Blogger. com

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