Mosfet Power Amplifier 100 Watt Schematic Diagram

At this time a unsophisticated MOSFET amplifier or else power Amp which Output power is plus/minus 100 Watt/RMS with8 Ohms otherwise ohter plus/minus 160 Watts /RMS with 4 ohms. Regarding this circuit simplicity, The distortion is plus/minus 0. 1 %. In support of mob-width -3 db(decibel) is increase for 4 Hz to 96 Khz, it is narrow by C1, R1, C2 and

R2. Taking part in the two transistors are T1 and T2 makes a initial differential stage part, So, current source(I) of +/- solitary mA is put with resistor R3. In favor of the upgraded project, The current source(I) is new efficient in stability. Coil P1 allows a fine tuning of dictate current voltage on amplifier`s output. Place the Coil P1 with it`s partially usefulness in favor of first power up, so therefore break it unhurriedly for a lowest DC output voltage. custom a essential quality compoment.

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