Most simple FM transmitter circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is the most simplest and single transistor FM wireless transmitter circuit that ever posted in CircuitsGallery. In telecommunication field, frequency modulation (FM) transmits information by changing the frequency of a carrier wave according to message signal. FM uses VHF radio frequencies usually 87. 5 108. 0 MHz to transmit and receive t

Most simple FM transmitter circuit diagram
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he FM signals. Here I will give you theexplanations about FM transmitter, how to make a FM transmitter andhow a simple FM transmitter is designed and assembled etc. The performance and working of a wireless audio transmitter circuit mainly depends on inductor coil specification and the value of variable capacitor. Even a slight change of inductance or capacitor can shift the harmonic frequency from the VHF (88-108 MHz) band. This article will enable you to answer how to build an FM radio transmitter . Also you will get the confidence tobuild your own FM transmitter. A condenser microphone is used to accept the sound signals. Inside the mic, a capacitive sensor diaphragm is present. It vibrates according to the air pressure changes and generates AC signals. The inductor L1 and variable capacitor (trimmer) forms an oscillating tank circuit along with the transistor 2N3904. It is the common NPN transistor used for general purpose amplifications. As long as the current exists across the inductor coil L1 and the variable capacitor, the tank circuit will oscillate at the resonant carrier frequency for FM modulation. Capacitor C2 acts as a negative feedback to the oscillating tank circuit. Every FM transmitter circuit requires an oscillator part to generate the radio Frequency (RF) carrier waves. The name Tank` circuit is derived from the capacity of the LC circuit to store energy for oscillations. The modulated signal from the...

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