Motion Control Sensor Interface

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

My task for the system was to implement and program all the hardware devices and make data available to the receiver program running on the PC. This includes the configuration of all Prospeckz devices and implementing protocols for radio transmissions communication back to PC. I was also tasked with setting up the accelerometer chip(s) for data ga

Motion Control Sensor Interface
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thering. To do this, I split the problem into several requirements: The wireless communications between hardware devices were initially required to support a single transmitter, however this requirement was amended in later stages of system development to support receiving data from multiple transmitters with minimal losses. To define the format of data transferred from receiver to PC, I worked closely with Li to create a compact and efficient format that conforms to the standards of my implementation and the PC processor that he worked on. - Design the circuit peripherals around the chips and mount them on protoboards for testing, later switching to small PCBs to integrate with transmitters compactly Initially the group had an idea to also incorporate a gyroscope into the hardware implementation to increase the system`s capabilities, however no devices were available and in the end only an accelerometer proved to be sufficient. In response to the requirements above, I tackled each task individually, making sure the implementation is robust before moving on to the next stage. I first implemented the radio communications between transmitter and receiver, using test programs on the Prospeckz such as the Cycling Led example in the Prospeckz Guide to verify by design. The ProSpeckz IIK (Programmable Speck using Zigbee Radio) was used extensively in this project, as it acted as the main microcontroller for all hardware behavior....

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