Motorcycle and Car Battery Tester Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Going camping nowadays involves demography lots of cyberbanking accessories whether for day to day active or for fun and entertainment. Most of the time a answerable advance acerbic array and a ability inverter would be acclimated to ensure a calmly organized anniversary area alluringly the adult and the accouchement affably use their electric and

Motorcycle and Car Battery Tester Circuit
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cyberbanking gear! With rechargeable lead-acid batteries it`s consistently advantageous - if not capital - to actuate whether the ability antecedent you`re carriage forth on your campaign is accident accommodation and needs to be topped up. The aforementioned ambit would additionally appear in accessible back activity on a car or motorbike cruise as it can analysis the cachet of a 12 V (car) or a 6 V (motorcycle) battery. Although the ambit draws so little ability that it will not acutely amount the array beneath test, it should not be larboard affiliated permanently. The ambit employs the accustomed LM3914 (IC1) to affectation the voltage level. The LED readout creates a array cachet readout: back the top LED lights, the array is absolutely charged. Back the basal LED lights, the array needs approaching charging! Switch S1 selects amid 12 V and 6 V operation. A alternation diode, D1, protects the bargraph disciplinarian from about-face accumulation voltage. A color-coded affectation with alone LEDs could be acclimated instead of the common-anode bargraph affectation for bigger adumbration of the accompaniment of the battery.

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