Motorola Mitrek conversion to repeater or link

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This document is written in attempt to include everyone interested in serious construction of a quality product. Its very technical, however, written openly and honestly. It`s designed for Amateur Radio (not commercial) at no cost to obtain and is open for discussing, changes and improvements without notice. Should you feel qualified you are welco

Motorola Mitrek conversion to repeater or link
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me to deviate from the Author`s design. You need to have a basic electronics background with some repeater building experience. Understanding schematic drawings is required. If you are new at the repeater operation you might want to check out additional technical books relevant to this documentation. Anticipate about 40 hours to construct each radio, especially the first one. No free technical support is available, however, printed documents are available on an occasional bases for a modest cost for P & H. Several images (pictures) on this document, while on-line are enlargeable simply by clicking on them. This gives you an opportunity to "zoom in" for better details should you need it. Other images are not, being unnecessary large files being stored on the server. Some images on this page show only general practice and may not be the completed product or bear accuracy. For example, one image shows a jumper for 9. 6v switching with the soldering not completed. Production was paused to take some pictures at the time. This is brought up to clarify the final product may be finished without documentation and may vary from what you see here. Some links (that you click on) within this page open new browsers, while others permit you to hit your "back" button. Reports from readers can go either way on this method of navigation. This document is best viewed with I. E. 5. 0 or later with your screen set for 1024 x 768 or higher...

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