Motorola Radius R100 (and MCR100) UHF Repeater (RT) Station Overview

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This article provides an overview of the R100 and MCR100 UHF repeaters. All of the information came from physical examination of the station and running the programming software, as well as the R100 Instruction (and service) Manual, p/n 6881078E15 and the MCR100 Instruction (and service) Manual, p/n 6881071E50. The following specific questions and

Motorola Radius R100 (and MCR100) UHF Repeater (RT) Station Overview
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topics were originally found in the "Articles We`d Like To See" page. They`ll be covered in this article. Additional service-related items have also been added. What knowledge would someone familiar with the R100 radios wish they had before they got into them (like the fact that the R100 can do either PL or DPL, but not both, and changing from one to the other requires replacing the controller board), and enough information that listings on eBay make sense The model number is about all you can go by, along with a photo of the insides to make sure the unit is physically complete. Parts to convert PL to DPL or vice versa are No Longer Available. An interfacing article would be very welcome: how to hook up an external controller, how to get muted receiver audio out of the radio, along with COR and PL decode, and how to insert transmit audio into it, along with PTT and how to control the transmitter PL encoder. As far as anyone can tell, the R100 and MCR100 are identical stations. The MCR100 was manufactured for the European market and there are more options listed in the MCR100 manual. All parts are interchangeable and have identical specifications. Throughout this write-up, the R100 product name will be used to refer to either or both stations. The radio modules used in these repeaters are based on the MC Micro product line, which was probably a predecessor to the MaxTrac/Radius mobile radios. There is evidence in the...

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